Tuesday, January 26, 2010

William Morris.

I had forgotten that I wanted to talk about this.....but my few days away with a friend whose eye for lovely things makes her home a joy; reminded me of William Morris.

Husband E's Aunt who died in July, introduced me to William Morris. His designs are so beautiful. We found some gift wrap and made bookmarks for our children and their cousins as Christmas gifts.


Jeannette said...

William Morris was such a master of true repeating designs and the intricacies of plants. There is an antique settee in a house I steward that is William Morris. I think you've inspired me to take some photos of the pattern with my new camera.
The bookmarks are nice. The last two years one of our daughters has gifted us with an "Art of Ornamentation" Calender from the Boston Museum of Art. I may have to play with the pages from last year now.

Karen said...

I have a set of mugs with William Morris designs on them - truly beautiful to look at and lovely mugs to drink from too. So they are used frequently despite being special.