Monday, January 18, 2010

Special Family Memories.

Excellent, excellent.....a balm to my thoughts! This lady raises some refreshing thoughts to the pressure we place on ourselves to create 'special' family memories.

I might think about what I like doing and how this influences our family 'memories'.

P.S. I like eating, sitting, reading, laughing,watching: people, movies, views...
walking in the breeze or cold (but not too cold mind you...).
I like worshipping with a quiet mind.
I love looking at our family's photo's and love slide nights. I love hearing about life for my parents and previous generations.
I like reading home magazines, but only where the furniture/house has character and elements that have been recycled. No modern extreme minimalism for me.
I love moving furniture around and a good clean out- yes, even as a hobby......
I love travelling, the planning that is needed for a trip and then the actual trip......I look forward to staying in nice places that give you a window into some other life and of course good food.

Now where does the family fit into all of this?


Cathy said...

When I read your words and see your photos it helps me know my blogging friend so much it!

Jeannette said...

I like your post about this and thank yo for the link. Having been a Marriage and Family Therapist for many years, I applaud her post which so proves that the least little bit of common sense stands out with brilliance in today's crazed culture. As I told her in a comment, if you listen to your internal needs and live and mother from the strength of grace, you will have given your children a most valuable education. Fun happens anyway...sometimes when we haven't even anticipated it.

Hill upon Hill said...

Thankyou, those are wise words.