Monday, January 25, 2010

Mothers in the Metropolis.

Last week, husband E gave me the gift of time away from home (overnight) and a great friend was my companion, sharing food, enjoyment of the city, chat and rest.

Here is a display in the city for the Festival of Sydney. There were birdcalls piped in this alleyway.

Our view of Sydney.

This is a street below us. Note the terrace houses. Did I dream it or is it a fact that when the Harbour Bridge was built, many people were displaced from terrace houses and not compensated or relocated?

A lovely cruise ship enjoying our port.

My 8 year old daughter and I love this building. We call it the rocket building.

Watsons Bay. Friday was so hot and a ferry ride from the city the most appealing option. Beers with this in front of us was lovely.

Watsons Bay felt quite removed from everything.


Lynda said...

Beautiful. And lovely that you had some 'me' time, too .... I love your country, it is No 1 on my list of 'Countries To Visit' one day. When the kids are little bit bigger ;)

Hill upon Hill said...

....and I would hope that you would drop by!