Saturday, November 8, 2008

Daily Bread.

The work on the floor is going well. We have been retreating to other rooms and are faring well. The poor cat however does not appreciate the noise and needs extra reassurance from us at present. I am happy to oblige.

I rearranged 9 year old son's room again to make it easier for him to spread out. I have started a lovely routine with our children whereby we snuggle and read the Bible together. 6 year old daughter loves this time in the morning and 9 year old son loves this time at night. They each have different versions of the Bible story, which have been kindly given to them at birth by loving friends and family. We try to keep to the same story in order that they may chat about it in the day.

This older Bible is a Bible from my Dad's older sister, given to me when I was little.

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Caroline said...

What a lovely tradition you have started by reading the Bible to your lovelies. This is something they will always remember & cherish well into their adult life. Good on you.