Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This and That.

I hung this wirework 'toy' in our laundry. My parents bought it in South Africa. It is made from wire, a soft drink can and then some material for the clothes and tape to wrap around the wheels. I just love it.
I also reorganised our first aid box. Now it is easy to see what we have and it is easy to find it in a hurry.


Redwoodhouse said...

what an amazing toy, how organized you are my Mr cut his finger the other day and I couldn't even find a plaster so we put insolation tape around it, I did buy some the next day though.

Lynda said...

Oh, thanks for sharing that lovely toy with us ! It just shows what beautiful objects you can make with bits & pieces. I've seen similar ones like this of cars etc but this is very special :)

Jo said...

I love the SA toy :) A few months ago I had to judge items, at our local high school, which the grade 11's from recylcable waste (I am a great promoter of recycling in our area and use the newpaper I write for to encourage people to do the same) The kookaburra is very similar to our kingfishers. I LOVE your blog. Hugs Jo