Monday, March 30, 2009

The School Fete.

Was held on Saturday and was a lot of fun and a lot of work! I worked on the fresh fruit and vegetable juice stall with some other parents from our class. We had 5 juicers going with apple, orange, carrot, ginger, strawberry and watermelon. The local fruit shop and frozen berry company donated all our produce.

A great day with the little two spending the day at the fete with Omi and Grandpa and the older two enjoying the rides and buying some things at the stalls. Husband E helped wash out the filters and also made juice. Nice to see so many friendly faces.

We had a trial bag of frozen strawberries and used some to make peach and strawberry crumble for dinner on Sunday night.

The older two did well at the White Elephant Stall and 10 year old son bought this print with some other items for $2. This print goes well with his bedroom. The other items included three dried flower pictures for his three sisters.

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Fiona said...

What a kind boy to buy prints for the girls. Steve bought a $2 broken guitar, but after a trip to the music shop and $22 spent and a bit of work he has it working. A guitar for $24.00! Two years ago a violin for $10.00 ...