Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lemons and Lemonades.

Lemons and lemonades from Mrs N, Grandad and Lake Conjola. Time to bake and make icing. Some thoughts: lemon pudding, lemon slice and icing for cakes.....

In response to a comment,
here is a recipe for "Zulu Cake" or Orange Almond cake.

Boil 2 oranges till soft, with skin on.

Then put into a blender. Blend. Don't do this when the oranges are too hot!
Add 250g almond meal
Add 250g sugar
Add 6 eggs
Add 2 t baking powder.

Blend, pour into lined cake tin and bake till firm (at least one hour.)


Karen said...

Do you have any good food processor dessert or cake recipes?

Cathy said...

I honestly do not know if this would work or not, but I have made a most delicious lime pie recently, and my mind can not stop thinking how this pie would taste made with lemons instead of limes. I think heavenly!

Hill upon Hill said...

Recipe added to post!

Karen said...

Thank you! :)