Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Parcel Arrived.

The blog world is made up of some really lovely people. We as humans still enjoying reaching out to one another across the oceans. I am thrilled that I have met some lovely people from other countries through this online journal!

One such friend is Cathy. This week we received a parcel wrapped in brown paper, all the way from America. Inside were gifts of thoughtfulness and care; a hand smocked dress for our three year old daughter (with matching jacket) and woollen gloves for me (without fingers so I can still potter around and type of course).

I have enjoyed visiting with Cathy's family through her blog. A handwritten note accompanied the parcel and it just seems a little more tangible than the virtual words on the computer, perhaps a note still adds another dimension to your knowledge of someone.....

Thankyou Cathy for your kindness.

Women around the world all actually sharing many things in common.

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Linda said...

What a lovely, thoughtful thing for her to do. We do meet some wonderful people through this interesting medium :-)