Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spring's Snow.

It was so warm here today, 28 degrees I think. The garden smells of Spring. This is the first flower on our Double Flowering May. In a few days' time, the whole bush will be white and it will 'snow' in our garden. Snow in Spring time!


Linda said...

How nice to read all your posts. It is such fun to think of spring coming to your part of the world as we long for fall and cooler weather.
I'm with you, it's wonderful to be able to be so "instantly" in touch with family and friends who are so far away.
Have a blessed sunday!

Linda said...

My husband mentioned how warm it was going to be in Sydney, it was nice to hear how things went in that direction. We had a lovely day, but it was foggy until lunchtime. Very pleasant after that, but 28 degrees, that is amazing.

Out Back said...

Spring has arrived here at our place too. It was 30degrees last Saturday everything in the garden is sprouting and budding...lovely.


Cathy said...

The neighbors facing my driveway have the most gorgeous light pink (cherry, I think) trees that bloom gloriously every Spring. For several days it snows light pink blossoms all over the road and onto my driveway.....simple wonderland.