Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We are slowly getting back into the swing of term time. 6 year old daughter had ballet again yesterday afternoon. She looks so pretty in her ballet outfit.... She is learning how to touch type so that she can be quicker on the computer.

My dear friend Aunty L has taken 6 year old daughter to ballet this year, which has been such an amazing help as I do not need to rush all four children into the car. Without Aunty L, I don't think ballet would have been possible this year.

I love all the opportunities available to our children but am very conscious that I want to keep life simple and have some free afternoons. 9 year old son plays soccer and 6 year old daughter goes to ballet and piano lessons before school once a week. She also goes to swimming lessons further up our road. 9 year old son used to do swimming lessons as well.

I have made a chart to keep track of which activities each child has done; when they started and when they ended. I think wherever possible it will be helpful if two children (or more) can be in the same place at the same time. There are possiblities for next year where I may attempt to have the older two children together. We did no activities except swimming in the first year of school, which was helpful for us. I do not have a problem with children taking turns at activities so that we do not spend our lives in the car. The only problem is if the activity warrants many years of dedication......... What will they remember when they are older?


Fiona said...

Lucky girl to have such a beautiful ballet costume - ours were plain navy leotards! Looking back over the last few years I can see that we have had busy times and quiet times with activities, and I just need to go with the flow. So far nothing has clashed with dinner, which makes a difference. Last term was busy, but now, unexpectedly, afternoons will be better ... you just have to make each decision as it comes I think ... you can't always predict too far in advance how you or your children will cope with more or less activities.

Hill upon hill said...

Yes or where their interests may lay...

Linda said...

I took my six year old daughter to ballet today. Your daughter is like my eldest with lots of hair. Our little one, the six year old has a tiny ballet bun.

We don't have swimming lessons available to us here. Our hometown had them and they were well worth it I think. Piano lessons are not available here either. When I start them on ballet or piano, like you say it is good to continue. I have this problem after we move if they are to continue ballet.

Your daughter looks beautiful in her ballet clothes.