Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have been enjoying reading through By Grace Alone and many posts have struck a chord with me. One interesting post in particular was the encouragement to view things in a positive light, so here goes: Last night:
I was thankful that my husband arrived just in time to take the older two to the doctor.
I was thankful that the chemist was still open.
I was thankful that there is medication to help our 9 year old son.
I was thankful that dinner was ready just in time.
I was thankful that my husband went out to get petrol and replenish some groceries.
I was thankful for a cat on my lap and honeycomb chocolate icecream to enjoy.
I was thankful that my husband has a job that requires ironed shirts.

One could imagine a different perspective on the above, but perhaps there is no other perspective for honeycomb chocolate icecream!!!

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Linda said...

Do you mean Scott Weldon's blog? Sounds good.

I mean to say on another comment, that I take my own photos for my blog, or my husband takes them.

I can see why you liked my Thankful Thursday post. If you click on my flower pic in the post it takes you to Sting My Heart blog where it is hosted.