Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tidy up

I divide my jobs in the week and although I would love a tidy, clean house all in one go, it is not possible with little ones still at home in the day.

Monday: dust bedrooms (the children do their own)
Tuesday: dust bookshelves in hallway and clean glass sliding door, TV screens....
Wednesday: bake and clean kitchen, including kitchen floor
Thursday: clean bathrooms and wash towels
Friday: dust living areas and clean floors, sweep outside front door
Saturday: vacuum entrance, hallway, study, laundry and bathroom

At some point from Friday to Sunday, two childrens' beds (linen) are dealt with.

Every second day I need to clean our wooden floors with a static mop.

I love rearranging furniture or sorting things out and I love a good chuck out. Doing this sort of thing in the room I am cleaning is a good incentive along with the routine job. I also love to spray lavender in the room when I am done.

I really enjoy clean floors before the weekend so that Saturday morning we can all relax (till we need to go to soccer) and the fluffies do not annoy!!

Every day there is invariably laundry to wash, dry and put away. Every morning, beds are made and the bathrooms are wiped over. Tables are wiped too. This means that as we walk through the house, things look fine...

So the house remains somewhat dealt with, the car however is filthy!!

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Cathy said...

Before I got off the computer for the evening I checked your blog again and was so glad to get a perspective on your time zone(I know I seem rather fixed on this time thing....just bear with me it must somehow be important to my brain at the present time).It appears you are about 11 hours ahead??? You are getting your day started and I am closing mine down. I was especially tickled and laughed out loud by your comment regarding your car. We have something else in common! You are doing a fine job....a mighty fine job indeed!