Friday, July 18, 2008

Why Blog?

I have been visiting blogs for a while now and enjoy the little window into people's lives. Often the daily musings have been very encouraging. I enjoy knowing that others are doing their best and instilling joy into their family's daily lives. I also enjoy sharing fellowship with many Christians around the world... I like the idea of a record of daily life. Being a mother and homemaker often does not show a 'product' at the end of the day, however I find it a nice source of reflection to visually see what we have been doing. Having a hobby or mastering something new may be a foreign concept when busy with little ones, however I think that blogs,emails and the internet are some things that are accessible at this time. As much as I like crafty projects, I am not a perfectionist and my messiness can sometimes mean that projects do not work out very well. I think this little 'project' can be quick, slap dash and imperfect. So we will see....

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