Thursday, July 31, 2008

This morning....

The mist was a thick blanket in the valley. I drove the children to school as 6 year old daughter needed to be there early. How I love the bus that usually takes them to school. It picks them up at the end of our driveway.

I struggled to wake this morning as I went to bookclub last night and it was rather a late night. We are a very casual bookclub, enjoying discussion on a range of topics and not always books. These ladies are at different stages in their life and I enjoy hearing what they have to say. Many have lived overseas and that brings an added interest for me. Delicious strong coffee and chocolate was enjoyed.

Speaking of food (a favourite topic), I am looking forward to a repeat of my lunch menu yesterday, today: avocado on grain toast with butter and herbs, pumpkin soup and a piece of shortbread. Husband E agreed it was the best batch ever and I think the difference was mixing the sugar in thoroughly first with the melted butter and then the rice flour thoroughly before adding the plain flour.
Only one more month of Winter.


Cathy said...

Okay let's have a little geography lesson.... exactly what months are your winter? By the way, I love pumpkin soup. I make it around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Mine is a creamy base, how about yours?

Hill upon hill said...

June to August inclusive. Just a little bit of milk added. I love the Fall in the U.S.A.

Linda said...

I was out early too. It was very pretty here today at that time which was nice.

It felt a little like spring, but the late afternoon is quite chilly atm.

We have book club here, but I haven't had the courage etc. to join.

Hill upon hill said...

The children came home saying they had been warm today, but now we have put a heater on. Bookclub must be enjoyable, not stressful.