Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I usually have "Baking Wednesday", but 4 year old daughter is still not well and I would like to be at hand. We have mountains, not hills of washing on our bed to put away. The older two were helpful getting ready for school this morning and stood at the bus stop with umbrellas in hand, twirling and doing all manner of things. I watched from the bedroom window as I did not want to go far. When the bus came, they left their umbrellas at the letter box for me to collect later.
I have collected tins for years now, even as a teenager. I culled my collection a few years ago or actually started using some as storage vessels for crayons or clips etc. These ones sit on E's desk though and many came from his Dad.
I might get the chance to bake a butter cake with marshmallow icing later......
Bacon and lentil soup and homemade bread for dinner.

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