Friday, August 8, 2008

Let the Games Begin.

Last night I attempted to stay up to watch the soccer game between Australia and Serbia. I managed the first half. Tonight will be an epic as E, the two older children and I try to stay up to watch the Opening Ceremony. We will be having a special dinner: fried rice (China), homemade pizza (Italy), vegemite sandwiches (Australia), Pastizzi (European filo pastries) and satay sticks (Thailand). I would like to have some biltong (South Africa), but I will only be able to get some on the weekend.
The only consideration is that tomorrow we have a frightfully early soccer game far away from home.......
In the Olympic spirit, we wish the best to all countries.

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Sandra said...

LOVE Bilton, I actually brought some back home with me from South Africa!

Enjoy the games :)