Monday, August 25, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside the window are birds in the valley.

I am thinking that having a cough and snuffle means I might take it easy today.

I am thankful that 4 year old daughter is eating well, talking more and enjoying things around her.

From the kitchen this week will be milk tart; a delicious tart we used to eat in South Africa. We arrived in Australia on the 1st September, so next Sunday we are having a little afternoon tea gathering.

I am creating ....... does milk tart count??

I am going to have dinner with husband E on the Doulos on Wednesday night. It is a ship that travels around the world on a humanitarian mission.

I am wearing E's jumper, a green shirt and floppy pants.

I am reading Australia's Country Style magazine.

I am hoping that we make good use of the spare time as a family now that the soccer season comes to a close.

I am hearing birds and the jingle of the bell around our cat's neck. Luckily he is an indoors cat so that the birds are safe. Although some of the birds are about the same size as him!

Around the house are areas that need a little more than a once over clean. Perhaps they need a 'Spring' clean.

One of my favourite things is (are) beds that are made.

A few plans for the rest of the week include dinner on the ship and dinner to farewell a dear friend who is returning to America. Also, presentation day for our soccer team on Saturday and 9 year old son is fortunate enough to be going to see a professional soccer team play on Sunday. I will also be going to a friend's party to celebrate her 40th. Best get over this cold quickly...

Here is my picture thought: a lovely posy of flowers from 6 year old daughter's little friend L who came to play on Saturday.


Sandra said...

Ooohhh Milk Tart, so good. Another one I miss are Koeksisters ;)

Great daybook!

flmom said...

I had to laugh at your comment that some of the birds are as big as the cat. It's the same way here. We often get egrets, blue herons, and sandhill cranes in our pond. They are far bigger than our cat so he stalks them from our front porch a distance away.

Cathy said...

What a lovely day. What a lovely picture. So many of your pictures, in their simplicity, make me sigh with contentment.

Hill upon hill said...

So nice to have nice people stop by....

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely photo and that the flowers came from a young friend =)

I have a friend who lives in Florida, USA who is also from South Africa.