Monday, August 11, 2008

Face Time with the Kids.

I am still keeping this challenge in mind. I am continuing along the 'reading to children' line and have another thought that I hope to adopt in the next week: D.E.A.R. That is, Drop Everything And Read. This was something we did in our classrooms a lot when I was a teacher, classes may still have this in practice. I hope we will all sit and read in the afternoon, before needing to do homework. This will also tie in nicely with my goal from last week, of reducing TV in the afternoons. Now that all children are well again, we can begin.

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Toni said...

I love the D.E.A.R acronym. We read a lot during the school year, but I tend to let it slide during the summer. I need to change that habit! Of course it is our last week of summer so I don't have much time!